He was there everywhere. I knew him too well and didn’t know him at all. His chocolate coloured eyes always invited attractions from all corners of our cosmopolitan city. I was the one yearning for his attention. If he just knew how much I think about him and our future family. If only he knew I’d let my sons call him dad and ask him to teach them to play baseball. I’m also sure he’s unaware of the fact that I’m completely smitten with him and all I can think of is making his family mine and having evening tea with his mom, addressing her the same way that he does. It sounded cliche and inspired by a movie but ofcourse love can’t be planned strategically. It happens when we’re least expecting it and I await the day our parallel paths cross each other. Is it so hard to turn an illusion into reality when the chances of us ever meeting are in the tenth percentile? So many improbabilities before the start of something flowery but my paradoxical nature doesn’t stop dreaming. It’s hard to picture a future with anyone else but him. My sweet memories which haven’t been made yet, consist of deep hugs and tugging at his beautifully coiffed hair and kissing him until the stars explode and comets pass by and staying oblivious to it all because this person in front of me is the only vision of a large universe I perceive. I lack rational thought every time I see him, my pupils dilate and I know there’s a science behind it all, but right now we back it up with one simple tragic word called love. Tragedy is constantly by my side because nothing I’ve ever touched has failed to let me down at some point of time. But he seems to me, a beautiful tragedy I’d tread upon and pick up the shattered pieces and fix them one by one, bruising myself in the process but this beautiful boy, Oh I’d be lucky to have him in my arms for a night till he realises he’s completely lost his way.


Thank God I’ve some Freedom. (Modified TGIF)

Su Casa Mi Casa, Al.

She listens to the radio at night and as old school as that may seem, she’s having a Friday party night in the very safe enclosures of her house as that’s the only party she was allowed to be exposed to. What would you know about orthodoxies when your curfew ends at 11 or is non existent? Do you know the pain hidden behind a million books in her bookshelf and the secret diaries hidden amongst them? Would you realize the word freedom held more importance in her heart than that of ferverent nationalists struggling against the tyranny of oppressive foreigners? The tyranny was forever existent in her life in subtle yet strong ways and the conflict lied in her hearts. She felt pity for the women in Taliban dominant areas and thanked her lucky stars for having the meagre freedom of attending school. What is fun to her ? Reading a book or starting a TV show, perhaps your after party plan but her only resort to escape the alarming reality that quarantines her desires to live according to “her rules”. The rules were laid down, the path to be followed, just like a horse, no wandering was to be tolerated. Freedom of speech was surely appreciated in the country but hushed down in the household. What power does a meek feminist hold over a majority of chauvinists? Religion is the way of life and spirituality is the modern way of thinking that would definitely lead the family to disgrace. As if changing schools weren’t enough, the way she looked had to be changed, reputations to be gained. In the world of uncertainties, she always hoped for a miracle and the probability was barely plausible. Hope is a strong word and a glint of it was enough to spark the efforts towards that little beacon of light.

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CLOCKIt’s funny don’t you think when people threaten each other with something as inconspicuous as ‘time’.

Time (n.)- the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. The definition however does not satisfy the curiosity to know more about this supernatural thing or feeling called time. Time has been created from the day the first ape-evolved man set foot on this earth. Atleast, that’s what we’ve been told, that time dates back to uncountable years (pun intended) but how do we know the factual data of such a theory? No man has ever proved the existence of time nor does he have the resources to prove so in the near future. Time machines and portals have yet another century to come into existence although the concept seems plausible to a sci-fi fan. Even though we have been unsuccessful at proving the existence of this overpowering process called time, we have managed to make our lives revolve around this barrier. The deadline or resistance to our vulnerable human tendencies, called “time”. Every aspect of our life has time. Man too has measured years and we term it as “life span”. The countdown starts the day we enter this galaxy. Time is such a┬ástrong factor. It heals us, hurts us, changes us and brings back memories. We relate the events in our life to this factor. Time can make us better or worse. Time saves us, but also kills. This mysterious factor has become such an inevitable part of our life that we tie it on our wrists and hang it on the walls of our home. We live our entire lives waiting for time to pass by. Time is like a circus, always packing up and moving away. I think it’s high time I jot down my favorite appeal about time. The countdown to a birthday, Christmas or New Year’s is always exciting and joyous. The time for people to come together and share a cherished bond! Time can be your friend if you’re punctual towards him.

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New day,new post.

SCENEHello, viewers.

This is my blog and I will be writing my thoughts out loud. Random thoughts that run in my mind at an unfathomable speed.

Today, I’d just share my thoughts on life. Life is making a stranger into a best friend and sharing a house with people you call “family”. Life is when two old men walk in the park and share stories of their youth with pride. Life is welcoming a new member into your large family. Life is procrastinating stuff knowing the consequences. Life is a series of overcoming mishaps and embarrassments, but life would not be adventurous without all those challenges. We spend our entire lives into thinking and reasoning out problems, trying to erase the past and worrying about the future.

They say life is full of obstacles and happiness is momentary. It is because the happiness lasts when overcoming one fear before entering the next. Our lives are as uncertain as a spider that builds it’s webs in the darkest corner of the tunnel away from the winter or breeze or like a wren’s nest that lies open to all threats from every corner. The fear of facing a difficulty brings down your confidence and you curse your sole existence, but you must know that the sunshine is at the other end of the tunnel. Life is like a deer being chased by the leopard that runs at an unimaginable speed, where you are the deer and your challenges, the leopard. Time, like the leopard, is fleeting and change is the only inevitable constant in this entire universe. Finally, Life is like a sitcom where you play the role of the protagonist and the antagonist and emerge out as the hero in the midst of strife. Therefore my viewers, Life is one hell of a ride and don’t hesitate to take the front seat!

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