If it was another movie it wouldn’t turn into a post. The movie will leave you in unstoppable tears… Because, you fall in love with the couple. They are definitely not the couple who fall in love circumstantially. The theme portrayed by them in the movie is “Unconditional Love” which is just so beautifully expressed. To love, is the only that man has learnt to live by before and after reaching the grave. Love kills and hurts and breaks till there’s nothing left to be taken away, body, mind and soul. But, love is the only thing that heals. It surpasses any other challenge because to love itself, is a challenge, not undertaken by many. What would you give up to be with the one person you love more than all existence of mankind? What would you give in for the same person? Love is not about compromising, but accommodating enough so that love has more priority than the other priorities. The movie made my eyes well up with tears at the thought of losing someone you love. Losing them to death, to another person, to their vindictiveness… It is just so hard to let go when you’ve given in everything to earn a precious reward called “Love”. It’s an unfathomable, complicated, binding, gut wrenching feeling that ties your stomach in knots and leaves you sleepless. Yet, there is no other feeling like love that gives you a high more than a whole lot of ecstasy could give you. No other feeling that releases endorphins like Love and no other reason for goodness, kindness and benevolence like, Love.

Hello from the other side.

Do you ever feel like the friends you could count by hand have decreased to one, or none? Do you ever feel like you don’t have a Patrick to your Spongebob, or Blair to your Serena ? Well, I feel so now and I’m quite unsure of what I’ll be holding on to if there was a perpetual disaster. No, I realise my family is there for me and they are supportive and encouraging and loving and so on, but I feel the huge void of a friend or a companion. I have a large social circle and so many people to “hang” out with, but, in the end I can’t see the face of a person who would be standing at the end of the line with a beam on his/her face that screams “We’ve been pals for a lifetime”. It stings and leaves me with a sour taste to realize this cold, icy, harsh and realistic fact of life. I bottle up my feelings as there is no one would genuinely lend a ear to listen to my miseries or sob tales but human nature draws you to the pitiful side at such a statement like this. I love being independent but not lonely. I’d definitely be recognized in a crowd but never liked or loved or remembered and that is a really hard fact to swallow. Maybe the next time I write a post, I will be in a different mood, probably better than today but the fact that I’ve written this will be in true sense of what lies in my heart and I know that I don’t have it in me to change it because I build up barriers around myself in the fear of getting betrayed or hurt. I’m not the pretty one or the one with a hot summer body and I am completely against any and all kinds of body shaming but sometimes I feel as though my outward appearance repulses the whole “attract some true friends” force. You might probably find this stupid and not at all relate-able but it’s just a scenario in my life and I hope that this phase won’t last forever.

Happy Reading Until Then!

Mes excuse pour le retard.

It’s been a while since I posted. You could blame it on the usual procrastination or my rehab to reading three hundred plus pages a day. Everybody has a phase where the fall in love with their dislikes and fall out of love with their favorites. My phase lasted an entire year where I couldn’t read beyond the hundredth page of any book, that is, if you don’t count the text books. An entire year of not being able to finish my portion of reading gave me a terminal disappointment in life. This is probably just one face of the “phase’, pun intended. The other face was the addiction to Korean dramas and Korean pop songs. I can tell you the list of dramas I’ve watched last year as though they were items on my bucket list. The most recent phase would be that of Thai dramas and reading Greek classics, starting with the Metamorphosis by Ovid. An odd combination indeed but I can tell you they go in symphony. Ofcourse this doesn’t mean that I’ve given up my Korean dramas. Korean dramas appeal to me in a way like none other. My new post will deal about the changes we face in life probably because I too am facing a major change. Happy reading until then!


CLOCKIt’s funny don’t you think when people threaten each other with something as inconspicuous as ‘time’.

Time (n.)- the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. The definition however does not satisfy the curiosity to know more about this supernatural thing or feeling called time. Time has been created from the day the first ape-evolved man set foot on this earth. Atleast, that’s what we’ve been told, that time dates back to uncountable years (pun intended) but how do we know the factual data of such a theory? No man has ever proved the existence of time nor does he have the resources to prove so in the near future. Time machines and portals have yet another century to come into existence although the concept seems plausible to a sci-fi fan. Even though we have been unsuccessful at proving the existence of this overpowering process called time, we have managed to make our lives revolve around this barrier. The deadline or resistance to our vulnerable human tendencies, called “time”. Every aspect of our life has time. Man too has measured years and we term it as “life span”. The countdown starts the day we enter this galaxy. Time is such a┬ástrong factor. It heals us, hurts us, changes us and brings back memories. We relate the events in our life to this factor. Time can make us better or worse. Time saves us, but also kills. This mysterious factor has become such an inevitable part of our life that we tie it on our wrists and hang it on the walls of our home. We live our entire lives waiting for time to pass by. Time is like a circus, always packing up and moving away. I think it’s high time I jot down my favorite appeal about time. The countdown to a birthday, Christmas or New Year’s is always exciting and joyous. The time for people to come together and share a cherished bond! Time can be your friend if you’re punctual towards him.

Until next time,

Happy Reading.


New day,new post.

SCENEHello, viewers.

This is my blog and I will be writing my thoughts out loud. Random thoughts that run in my mind at an unfathomable speed.

Today, I’d just share my thoughts on life. Life is making a stranger into a best friend and sharing a house with people you call “family”. Life is when two old men walk in the park and share stories of their youth with pride. Life is welcoming a new member into your large family. Life is procrastinating stuff knowing the consequences. Life is a series of overcoming mishaps and embarrassments, but life would not be adventurous without all those challenges. We spend our entire lives into thinking and reasoning out problems, trying to erase the past and worrying about the future.

They say life is full of obstacles and happiness is momentary. It is because the happiness lasts when overcoming one fear before entering the next. Our lives are as uncertain as a spider that builds it’s webs in the darkest corner of the tunnel away from the winter or breeze or like a wren’s nest that lies open to all threats from every corner. The fear of facing a difficulty brings down your confidence and you curse your sole existence, but you must know that the sunshine is at the other end of the tunnel. Life is like a deer being chased by the leopard that runs at an unimaginable speed, where you are the deer and your challenges, the leopard. Time, like the leopard, is fleeting and change is the only inevitable constant in this entire universe. Finally, Life is like a sitcom where you play the role of the protagonist and the antagonist and emerge out as the hero in the midst of strife. Therefore my viewers, Life is one hell of a ride and don’t hesitate to take the front seat!

Happy reading until then.